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    Infinity Craft Network Server Rules
    General Rules
    • Do not attempt to chargeback a purchase. This will result in an IP-Ban from the server.
    • Do not fake any sort of evidence of players doing something wrong.
    • Do not evade bans or mutes. This will result in an IP-Ban.
    • You can scam people In-Game, however, if the scam involves real money (ex. an in-game trade for a rank on the server), you can be punished for this.
    • No sharing people's personal information.
    • Note: These rules list many things not to do, however they are not a complete list, and you can still be punished for other things. Please use common sense on the server, and if you are unsure about something ask a community member or a staff member.
    Server Rules
    • No inappropriate Minecraft names. If you have an inappropriate name, you will be banned until it is changed. This applies for /nicknames as well.
    • No inappropriate skins/capes. If you are found wearing a skin or cape that is offensive, you will be banned until it is changed. This applies to the /skin command as well if you have it.
    • Do not exploit glitches you find. Please report it to a staff member. If you report glitches, you will be given the Bug Finder tag in-game if you help us find a bug on the server.
    • No using hacked clients, cheats, or anything that gives an unfair advantage in-game. If something you are using is seen as giving an unfair advantage, you may be punished. If you are concerned, ask a staff member.
    • Alternate Accounts (Alts) -
      • You are allowed to have up to 10 alternate accounts, but no more than three on the server at the same time.
      • If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be IP-banned.
      • You may not use alt accounts to duplicate items or rewards that are given in-game.
    • You are allowed to share accounts, however, if your account is banned while someone else is using it, it will not be unbanned.
    Communication Rules
    • Some swearing is allowed, however, if it becomes excessive and toxic you may be punished.
    • Any toxicity towards other players will not be tolerated. This includes racism, sexism, threats, etc.
    • No sharing links in chat that lead to anything that is considered "NSFW" (Pornography, blood/gore, etc.)
    • No advertisement of other servers, discords or websites.
      • You are allowed to advertise a streaming link or youtube link if you are posting Infinity Craft related content. You may only advertise a stream link once every 10 minutes.
    • Do not spam the chat or flood the chat. The staff can decide if what you did is considered spam or not, so be careful. Generally don't post the same message more than 2-3 times in 30 seconds.
    • No impersonating staff. This can include /nicknames and /skin.
    • No encouragement of self-harm. This is taken very seriously and will most likely result in either an IP-mute or a ban.
    • No communicating toxic, harmful or rude messages through builds at warps, islands or in survival worlds.
    Skyblock Rules
    • No island traps. This means that you can't place warp signs or tp people to places on your island where they might die to fall damage, drowning, the void or anything else.
    • Do not AFK generators for gain.
    • Do not attempt to bypass the AFK Kick by using scripts, AFK machines, etc.
    • No attempting to lag out the server with Redstone.
    • No using auto clickers to be more efficient in-game
    Survival (SMP) Rules
    • No blocking peoples portals to deny them entrance to specific worlds.
    • Under no circumstances is griefing allowed. This includes stealing from others in their unclaimed territory.
    • No making use of claiming to trap people inside of an area.
    • No using hacked clients such as X-Ray to get higher amounts of ores and minerals in-game.
    Earth Rules
    • No using hacks or hacked clients
    • No attempting to get around restrictions
    • No blocking the "Launch Site," which is otherwise known as the end portal to the moon.
    • No blocking off nether portals to block people in the nether (mars)
    • No inappropriate builds.
    • Do not attempt to bypass the AFK Kick in order to boost your power.
    Punishments vary for all offenses, but all can end up resulting in permanent banishment from the server if it is either repeated or egregious, so it is better to just follow the rules. To check your own Punishment History, click here.
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