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  • Formal Staff Applications Guide

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    This guide will give you important information about your application for Staff on the Infinity Craft Network.

    You must wait one week from the date that you received your answer in-between applications.

    Step 1: Applying
    To apply for Staff, you first need to submit your application. These can be found by either clicking on the links in the first sentence or finding the correct section on the forums. Once you find the section, you will click the Create Application link, and fill out the form. Make sure to be 100% honest and give as much detail as you can. Any applications with only a couple of sentence answers and very little detail will be denied instantly. Also, make sure that you meet our requirements found below.​
    Once you have submitted an application, remember that it may take up to one week for a Staff Member to read it, but we will always respond eventually. During this one week period, you must not notify any staff members of your application. They will get to it when they have time! If your application has been sitting without a response for over a week, feel free to start a forum conversation with a staff member to get your application bumped.​
    Step 2: The Decision
    Once your application has received a response, you will be able to find your answer on the forums as a reply to your application thread. If you are denied, you will simply receive a locked thread with a response explaining why you were denied. If you are accepted, you will see a locked thread with a reply telling you that you were accepted as a trainee.​
    If you get accepted, you will also receive a Discord DM from the Staff Member who answered your application. They will ask you when you are next available to talk in a Voice Chat. During that chat, they may ask you a couple of questions that you are expected to answer on the fly without hesitation. They will also give you a quick tour around some of the resources you have available to you as a staff member.​
    Every week on either Saturday or Sunday, we give out the Trainee Role to accepted applicants and reevaluate our current staff members to consider promotions, demotions, and separation.​
    Step 3: Trainee Period
    Every applicant that gets accepted will spend 1 week as a Trainee. As a trainee, you will be expected to report rule-breakers and help out in the chats (discord, forums, and in-game). Your main job is to make sure everything looks like it is running smoothly and report it to a more Senior Staff member if it is not. If you have a successful Trainee Period and you are active and don't falsely report too many things, you will begin your journey up the Staff Ladder.​
    If you are inactive, make false reports, break rules, or any number of bad things, you will be demoted, and you will have to wait another month to be reconsidered for Trainee again.​
    Staff members who are demoted and would like another chance at being staff must wait a whole month from their demotion date to reapply.​
    • You must be able to record evidence of rule-breakers using OBS or other software.
    • You must be at least 14 years of age. This is for maturity reasons.
    • You must have some experience moderating a server in the past.
    • Your application must have some effort put into it as stated above.
    • You must not have had a ban within the past 3 months of applying, and you must not have had a chat offense within the past one month of applying.
    • You must link your Discord and Minecraft Accounts. For a how-to see this post.
    • You must provide detail in your answers. Staff applications with answers of 2-3 sentences will be denied without a second thought.
      • A good rule of thumb: If your answer is shorter than the question, you probably don't have enough written.
      • Note: This doesn't apply for short 1 word or 1 line answers such as asking for your IGN.
    • You should be relatively active on the server.
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